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Testing/Exploring Video Styles

During the second half of 2018, we tested a variety of visual styles in Stories' vertical format. 

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Campaign Art Direction

Campaign: Pride 2019 (June)

Channel(s): TV broadcast, events/sponsorships, digital/social, OOH (Times Sq. billboards), flagship store digital installation 

We pitched a visual concept for social/digital, which snowballed into a broader art direction for a robust month-long, multi-channel brand campaign. We also worked with ATTN: to create three co-branded videos that were filmed at Stonewall Inn in west village. Across all creative, we sought to balance an energetic celebratory tone with a gracious nod to the history and significance of Stonewall.  

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a personal favorite

Campaign: Taco Bell brand partnership announcement / Super Bowl 2019  

Channel: social - Instagram stories 

As a wireless (and mobile phone) company, using the full-screen real estate of instagram stories in a way that mimics actual smart phone behavior (like receiving a call) is a simple, strong creative construct. With the approval to manipulate Taco Bell's audio mnemonic (big bell chime sound) to the melody of T-Mobile's audio mnemonic (five-note ringtone sound), and some quick design work, the partnership was announced on game day. 

UGC becomes a TVC 

Campaign: Holiday 2018 / Samsung device deal 

Channel: TV broadcast 


Holiday // (Q4) // toolkit 

New Network Launch // (Q3) // toolkit + OOH   

Pride // (Q2)  // toolkit + OOH + co-branded content + social/digital 

Super Bowl // (Q1) // partnership teasers, co-branded content, in-game creation

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