Sr. Creative Lead 


Testing/Exploring Video Styles

During the second half of 2018, we had some freedom to get a little weird with how we messaged our always-on benefits, specifically on Instagram stories. We took the opportunity to test a variety of visual styles in the vertical format. 

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Campaign Art Direction

Campaign: Pride 2019 (June)

Channel(s): TV broadcast, events/sponsorships, digital/social, OOH (Times Sq. billboards), flagship store digital installation 

We pitched a visual concept for social/digital, which snowballed quickly into the overarching art direction for a robust month-long, multi-channel brand campaign. We also worked with ATTN: to create three co-branded videos that were filmed at Stonewall Inn in west village. Across all creative, we sought to balance an energetic celebratory tone with a gracious nod to the history and significance of Stonewall.  

a very simple, personal favorite

Campaign: Taco Bell brad partnership announcement / Super Bowl 2019  

Channel: social - Instagram stories

I surely didn't think this idea would make it past the internal walls of our studio. But I pitched it anyways. 

A few days later, I found myself hearing "sure!" from the Taco Bell team after confirming they understood that this incoming call concept required manipulating their brand audio mnemonic to the tune of our brand audio mnemonic. 

As a wireless (and mobile phone) company, using the full-screen real estate of instagram stories in a way that "immerses" viewers (in a more DIY way, sans VR equipment) was something I tried to explore whenever possible. 

UGC becomes a TVC 

Campaign: Holiday 2018 / Samsung device deal 

Channel: TV broadcast 


Holiday // (Q4) // toolkit 

New Network Launch // (Q3) // toolkit + OOH   

Pride // (Q2)  // toolkit + OOH + co-branded content + social/digital 

Super Bowl // (Q1) // partnership teasers, co-branded content, in-game creation

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