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You're probably in need of creative ideation and development, scripting, and execution of photo/video content. Or maybe you just need someone to shoot some photos of a thing or some stuff at a place for a certain amount of time. What a coincidence -- I do all of that.

My work is optimized to live on the interwebs and social platforms.  


You're hiring one individual do to what normally takes a small team to accomplish and sometimes even a creative agency and/or production company.  (This applies mostly to content creation, not so much still photography.)

I supply my own image capture gear (cameras, lenses, etc.), so you're hiring me and indirectly "renting" my equipment (included in rates on this page). If sound capture is required, I rent the appropriate gear separately for an additional fee.  

I come to the project with experience scripting/shooting/editing video content, both fully scripted and documentary style, for a variety of platforms and verticals -- you can see all of these as you browse this website. 

I come to the project with experience ideating and art directing social content for mobile tech (LG), luxury automotive (BMW), mass retail (Gap), and beauty (Laura Mercier).


Know your brand, know your audience, know (and prioritize) your content needs.

Do your due diligence in researching the costs of content creators, creative agencies, and/or production companies. 

Prepare a brief that outlines your brand values, project/campaign objectives, audience affinities, and the content/project budget. 

I don't bid or pitch to win you -- you come to me when you want me.

If you believe your brand or project has grounds for $ negotiation, I'm all ears. 

Here are some professional references and recommendations from past clients and collaborators. 

If you require me to work outside of NYC, I am more than happy to travel -- there would be an additional travel fee included in the quote (fee varies depending on job destination). 

Social Content Samples Below: 

Note - some of these were shot vertically to optimize the mobile screen real estate in social media apps like Instagram and Facebook (for which vertical video is recommended). If you want to see more work, don't hesitate to email me! 


Video Shooting 
   Day rate: $800  
   Hourly: $100
   ^ rates apply to video capture only - if audio capture is required, additional fee applies.  

Video Editing
   Day rate: $650
   Hourly: $75

Photo Shooting
   Day rate: $500  
   Hourly: $65 
   ^ includes up to 25 image selects filtered/edited (additional selects at additional fee) 

* Day rates apply to 10-hour work days. Any overtime will be added on at the standard hourly rate. 


Video Montages - $1,200 ea.* 
   takes appx. 3 days of shooting and editing  
   * up to 2 final variations (e.g. one 60-second + one 15-second)

Stopmotion Videos - $500-700 ea.
   takes appx. 2 days of shooting and editing 

Image Glitch Videos - $200-$400 ea.
   can shoot and edit appx. 3 of these in one day

Micro Videos - $400-$600 ea.
   can shoot and edit appx. 2 in one day, depending on complexity

Hero Videos - $10,000+ ea. 
   - examples here
   takes weeks to months, depending on scope 
   may include bringing on additional crew

** bundle pricing negotiable - email rc(dot)joce(at)gmail(dot)com

Montage Videos

Stopmotion Videos


Visual Glitch Videos

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