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 Sr. Creative Lead
 Seattle // 2018 - Now


 Lead Content Creator
DDB New York
 New York City // 2018

 Sr. Art Director (Freelance)
Giant Spoon
 New York City // 2017

 Art Director
Laundry Service
 New York City // 2016-'17

 Video Creator
 San Francisco // 2014-'16

 Photographer (Freelance)
 Los Angeles // 2011-'14

Jocelyn R.C. is a New York City-based, Seattle-bred, Los Angeles-schooled, San Francisco-primed, left-handed, gold-hearted, hyphen-overusing creative brain with a background in live-action image production, both analog and digital (AKA photo and video content creation in any post-90s decade) and a foreground in digital/social media marketing. 

2011-2014 // Los Angeles - Fresh out of undergrad with a BFA in Film Production, she freelanced in Los Angeles as a photographer/videographer taking any paid gig whether it was an engagement photo session at Santa Monica Pier, to behind-the-scenes photo stills of a commercial shoot for MTV(3!), to a live music event in WeHo, to a local influencers' fashion blog with outfit changes in the backseat of an illegally parallel-parked car... one of her final freelance clients during this time was a legitimate Bay Area-based virtual reality tech startup called zSpace. 

2014-2016 // San Francisco - After a 4-week contract with zSpace (Silicon Valley VR tech startup) in early 2014, they relocated Jocelyn to the Bay Area and brought her on staff. For the next couple of years, Jocelyn wrote, directed, shot, edited and -- working with the CMO and Director of Product -- strategized a slough of video content both consumer-facing (K-12 Edu students, teachers, administration) and partner-facing (developers, tech nerds, investors). Her work here helped increase lead acquisition and conversions.

She learned a lot. Mostly about how much more there is to learn... anyways... after a couple of years, she began to feel an itch to move to New York City and work on some household brand names... 

2016-2017 // New York City - In early 2016, R.C. received an offer from the social ad agency Laundry Service for an Art Director position in their NYC office. So off she went! During the year she spent at Laundry Service, she Art Directed social content ideation for Gap, LG Mobile, BMW, Laura Mercier, G.H. Mumm, CVS Specialty, and Weight Watchers. She left the agency in March of 2017, and soon began freelancing as a Sr. Art Director at an agency called Giant Spoon. 

2017 - In November, R.C. spent the month primarily in Hong Kong and Taiwan with her mother and grandmother -- three generations of women, bound by the memory and spirit of a man known to Jocelyn as "Ah-Gong", my grandfather. She wanted to create a personal piece (three years after Ah-Gong's passing) that responded to a video she made back in 2011 (three years prior to Ah-Gong's passing). 

2017 - Nerdily-loved Pentagram Design brought Jocelyn on to work with designer Simon Blockley on a piece of motion content for their 4th of July social media post. This is what they came up with. And this is something else they made but never got used. 

2018 - 

--after a heartwarming/bittersweet goodbye party with her zSpace family, a weekend of packing up many large boxes and bringing them to a post office to ship to my pending sublet in Brooklyn, selling her mattress and dresser and barstools that Will.i.am previously owned, and a 20-hour drive from San Francisco to Seattle to her bed in her childhood home, to leave her car with her mother to sell for spare $$$, as she flew out to NYC on a one-way ticked the following weekend... 

She has worked both brand-side and agency-side. 

She was worked both as a content creator (AKA all-in-one video producer/writer/shooter/editor) as well as an art director/creative lead (AKA ideator and coach who guides small production teams of 2-20 people from creative development through execution). 

From working as a hands-on content creator (client-side) to overseeing creative/production teams of 2-20 from ideation through execution (agency-side), I've had a chance to create branded visual content for a wide array of campaigns, brands, and audiences. Most recently serving in the roles of Sr/Art Director at agencies Giant Spoon and 247 Laundry Service, I led the ideation and execution of branded photo and video content against social/digital marketing strategies for brands spanning retail, tech, luxury automotive, and beverage/spirits. Prior to agency life I worked in-house at a VR tech startup, writing and producing video content for brand awareness, product marketing, and educational purposes. Working closely with senior leadership (CMO, VP of Sales, and Product Director), we ensured the video content was affecting sales numbers and customer/audience sentiment. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Probably in the mirror, as I have my entire life. Dad jokes aside, I’m happy to give a more thoughtful answer to this question (and more) in person or over the phone! My creative portfolio: http://jocelynrc.com Extra treats for you: - my original micro-audiovisual experiments on Instagram feed @jocelynrc - search #FaceItJoce on Instagram (for my previous social series)

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