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Depending on what the project calls for, the gear that I personally provide or need to rent will be factored into the final rate/quote. This is my camera package, as well as what I have experience shooting with (if you prefer alternative rentals): 


Camera bodies:

Sony a7RII // full-frame digital DSLR  42 MP photo // 4k video // HD 60fps slo-mo video 

Nikon F2 // 35mm manual film photography // with HD film scanner *fee for film development 

Yashica MAT-124 // medium format manual film photography // *post-processing fee


35mm F1.4 Zeiss (MF/AF) 

50mm F1.4 Nikkor with Metabones adapter (MF) 

135mm F2.8 Photax with Metabones adapter (MF) 

20mm F2.8 (MF/AF) 

Accessories & Peripherals:

Godox TT350 (hotshoe flash) 

Proline B100 (mid-sized tripod) 

Pixel TW-283/S2 (intervelometer) 


DJI Mavic Pro  --  [currently out on rental]

Has Experience Shooting with (so if client prefers to rent any of the following): 

Canon C100 

Full Rokinon Cine lens set for EF canon mount 

Canon 5D Mark II 

Nikon DSLRs

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